In Marsala there are various special celebrations in honour of the city’s patron saints: the Madonna della Cava, on the 19th January and San Giovanni, on the 24th June. On Holy Thursday, the visitor can enjoy the Misteri, a procession featuring statues of Christ and Living Groups, evoking the events on the Via Crucis. In Mazara del Vallo, between the second and the last week of August, they celebrate the feast of San Vito in honour of the patron saint. The festival opens with the “Annunzio”, a procession in 17th century costumes through the streets of the city. Over the following days, parades of floats and a procession with living scenes are held. The festivities end with the statue of the saint being taken out to sea on a fishing boat to impart the Blessing of the Sea, while a laurel wreath is thrown into the water.