Azraq is a small city in the eastern desert of Jordan and lies 100 km away from Amman. It lies on the old Hajj road and the Hijaz railway. The nearby Azraq Oasis extends over 12 square kilometres of parklands, pools and gardens. The oasis has the only water source in the eastern desert and is also home to water buffalo and other wildlife. Over the past 15 years or so, the water level in Azraq’s swamps has fallen dramatically due to large-scale pumping to supply Amman and Irbid. Still Azraq remains one of the most important resting place in the Middle East for birds migrating between Africa and Europe. The abundant springs have dried up over the years due to many dams constructed in Syria. During the Current Syrian Civil War, many of these dams have been destroyed due to neglect and the springs of the oasis are being revived. The small ponds are also getting more rainwater flow.




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