The Holy Crucifix in Calatafimi

Every five years, at the beginning of May, a procession dedicated to the Holy Crucifix takes place. During the celebration, the craftsmen in their elegant old-fashioned clothes march with a gun on their shoulders. Each different trade has its own float. The Massari (farmers) for example parade on a float called “u circu” decorated with traditional bread “cudduri” and vegetable decorations such as ears of wheat, roses and beans that symbolize the abundance of the soil and its rebirth during the spring.

St. Joseph’s celebration in Salemi

On March 19th, St. Joseph’s Day, people prepare the altars in honour of the saint in a feast called “Cene di San Giuseppe”. They are richly decorated with oranges, lemons and bay leaves and above all with typical homemade breads that are genuine works of art.

Orestiadi Festival in Gibellina

Held from late June to September, this event combines various performing arts, with shows by international artists in the fields of contemporary art and avant-garde theatre and music.