It would be very extensive to tell about all the typical dishes and confectionery of Priego, so only those having an ancient tradition will be described here. They are still being cooked nowadays, although we should note the excellence of virgin olive oil (Priego de Cordoba Designation of Origin), the basic support for all the dishes cooked in this region.

Local cooking produces delicious dishes such as relleno de Carnaval, meat balls and stews for Easter, turkey with almonds, salmorejo (tomato and bread cream) , ajo arriero (cod, eggs and garlic), morcilla de seso (brains sausage), lomos (pork loins) and other parts of pork. Confectionery include cuajado de almendra, the star sweet of Priego, piñonate, quince preserve, mostachos, polvorones and hornazos. Arresoli is a characteristic liqueur of Priego, made from apples from Ruiz variety.

Wood carving and forging are the two main pillars of craftsmanship in Priego. There are still craftsmen’s workshops that have continued a tradition with centuries old, whose restoration works, furniture, carving of religious figures and gilding are highly demanded all around Andalusia. The wood carving modality manufactured in the workshops of Priego is the so called barroca granadina (Baroque from Granada), following the standards and patterns of the objects, altars, furniture and cornucopias that are preserved in the town households and churches.

Numerous artisans work with wood and wrought iron; their principal production consists of furniture, religious carving, gilding, screens, etc. Crafts also consist of plasterwork, textiles, vegetable fibre materials, leatherwork, miniatures and stone and marble carving.