Holy Week

Holy week, many processions and beautiful images, highlight on Friday morning to watch Jesús Nazareno’s rising to El Calvario.

May Feasts

May feasts, concerts of religious music and processions.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, procession through La Villa quarter.

Pilgrimage to Virgen de la Cabeza

June, third Sunday - pilgrimage to Virgen de la Cabeza, in La Concepción hamlet.

Neighbourhood fairs

August, neighbourhood fairs.

Main fair of Priego

September 1-5, main fair of Priego.

Festivities of La Aurora and Los Dolores

Mid-September, festivities of La Aurora and Los Dolores. The Aurora fraternity goes out on Saturday midnight to sing to the Virgin.

Feast of San Nicasio

December 14, feast of San Nicasio, the local patron saint.


There are, in general, many cultural events during the year: International Theatre, Music and Dance Festival, Cultural Week in Spring, etc.