Beirut bursts with a myriad of excellent restaurants that offer Lebanese, Armenian and International Cuisines. These can be found in the main nightlife districts of Beirut, such as Monot, Gemmayze, Hamra, and Downtown.

Hamra has many restaurants, bars, and cafes. It is located in between two major universities in the city, the American University in Beirut and the Lebanese American University. Its bars and restaurants have mixed clienteles. The cuisine varies from traditional Lebanese cuisine, such as in Istanbuli and Kababji, to fusion and French cuisine as in Le Rouge, or Italian such as Napolitana. There are several guides for that area. Another area for eating out and night life is the Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael, a street that extends north of the city center and it is full of restaurants and pubs.

Beirut is a port city par excellence; a street runs along the shore, and many new hotels and restaurants flourish along that avenue, it is named al-Corniche. It is an excellent place for a stroll along the shore of Beirut, as it extends along the perimeter of the cape.