The Jeita grotto was a finalist in the new 7 wonders of nature competition. You can visit two karstic limestone caves spanning an overall length of nearly 9 kilometers. The galleries are composed of a series of chambers the largest of which peaks at a height of 120 meters (390 feet).

Sandy beaches of Rmeileh and Jiyyeh

South of Beirut, on a 7 km sand strip, Jiyyeh and Rmeileh are dotted with beautiful beach resorts that give you access to nice pools and good restaurants with a variety of local cuisine and international dishes.

Deir el Qamar and Beiteddine

Deir El Qamar is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (1995). The small town has stone-paved streets bordered by typical Lebanese houses. The historical monuments to visit are:

  • The Mamluk style Fakhreddine I Mosque
  • Youssef Chehab Palace/Serail
  • The Kharj Barracks: Now the French Cultural Center
  • The palace of Fakhreddine II Maan: built following the khan architecture with a central courtyard surrounded by rooms
  • Synagogue: On the roof of one of the wings of the Fakhreddine II Palace, stands what was once the most important and the oldest synagogue in the Middle-East, built in the 17th century
  • Saydet al Talle: built in the 15th century on the site of an earlier Byzantine church, previously a temple dedicated to Astarte.

  • Beiteddine

    Emir Bachir Palace: Commissioned by Emir Bachir Chehab, the palace showcases Italian Baroque, traditional Arab, and typical 19th-century architectural styles.