Perched on a high mountain that overlooks Palestine, Ajloun is famous for its thick forest and fine weather in the summer, and its castle. The only castle from Crusaders times in Jordan, built by Ussamah -one of Saladdin’s commanders- is al-Rabad Castle, which is in a reasonable state of conservation.

Close to Ajloun (5 km south west), lies a Byzantine church, Elia’s church, which has been recognized by the Vatican as a pilgrimage site. It is equally revered as a shrine in Islam. In late summer, early autumn, figs and grapes from the abundant vineyards are especially delicious. Olive trees are just as abundant.

Jerash can also be a spring board to Birgesh cave (23 km. to the north west) which is a subterranean cave not open to the public due to its small size, but its surrounding area is very beautiful with thick forests.

Many Muslim Shrines can be visited near Jerash: Maysarah ibn Maqsoud al-Absi, Dirar ibn al-Azwar, Abu Ubaidah Amer Aj Jarrah and Sharbil bin Hassnah are all Islamic Sites that are overlooked by the Ministry of Awqaf.