Jerash Festival is held every year with famous Arab singers as well as folklore dance groups from all the World. The Jerash Festival usually takes place during the end of July and beginning of August. It showcases a wide array of singers, musical and folklore troupes, poetry readings, symphony orchestras, ballet, Shakespearean theatre, handicrafts, and art shows. The colonnaded streets, plazas, and theatres of Jerash all provide unique venues for these acts, under the balmy summer skies of central Jordan. Inaugurated in 1981 by Queen Noor Al Hussein and now part of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation cultural programmes, the festival has become the premiere showcase for Jordanian performing artists, and an exciting meeting place for artists and people from the four corners of the world.

Other entertainment events are also held there such as the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE). The Jerash Heritage Com¬pany has started daily ticketed performances of the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE) at the hippodrome in Jerash. The show runs twice daily, except Fridays. It features forty-five legionaries in full armour in a display of Roman Army drill and battle tactics, ten gladi¬ators fighting “to the death” and several Roman chariots competing in a classical seven lap race around the ancient hippodrome.