Ruins of Montinho das Laranjeiras

During the Umayyad period, the agricultural exploration of activities located near the Guadiana River made use of the structures already existing in the Roman period, as in the case of Montinho das Laranjeiras, 9 km south of Alcoutim. The villa was divided into three distinct areas: the pars fructuaria, ecclesia and buyut (houses), respectively from the Roman, Visigoth and Islamic periods.

Guerreiros do Rio (River Warriors)

The River Museum is located in this picturesque settlement. It provides information about the Guadiana river and its history, the old fishing gears, the life of fishermen and of the people who live in the surrounding mountain areas.

Lavajo Menhir

Located 1.5 km northeast of the town of Afonso Vicente, this prehistoric megalithic monument dates from the transition period between the Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic periods (3500 / 2900 BC).

Castelo das Relíquias (Relic Castle-Giões)

The ruins of a fortress of Muslim origin (8th and 11th centuries) with a quadrangular plan and massive towers, occupy two mountain tops overlooking the Vascão River.