Among the typical dishes of Monastir, there is the couscous with the shirkaw which is a small fish fished off Monastir, essentially during the summer season. In restaurant of the city, we do not serve this kind of dishes but we can find some dishes of couscous with steamed and well peppered fish as well as the other traditional dishes as the lamb couscous, the kammounia (stew of meat spiced in the cumin), the mermez (tomato sauce with some ovine or bovine meat, chickpeas and onions), some grilled fish, roasted chops of lamb or veal as well as the mloukhia, a green sauce with a powder of leaves of corètes with some meat or tripes of veal.


The handicrafts in the region of Monastir are quite particularly expressed through the weaving of the cotton in particular at Ksar Hellal. But the weaving with wool especially in rural areas resists too in spite of the disappearance of numerous craftworkshops. So, we still weave wool blankets, burnouses and multicolored veils called a H’rem. The pottery is on the other hand still present, in particular at Moknine where we make the utilitarian pottery, without motives in colors as in Nabeul or in Djerba, as the jugs for refreshment of the water and the jars intended essentially for the preservation of the oil. The weaving of the carpet is also present in the region of Monastir in particular in Ksibet El Mediouni's locality where this weaving is a family activity and where is held every week a souk of the carpet overseen by the National Office of the Handicrafts).