Namoura bel Ashta

This dessert is made of semolina filled with clotted cream flavored with rose and orange blossom water. It is often drizzled with sugar syrup. You can find it in most pastry shops in Baalbek.

S’fiha Baalbakya (meat pies, specialty of Baalbek)

This is an open-faced meat pie made with lamb or beef.

The Baalbek Museum – at the exit of the Heliopolis

The Baalbek old railroad station

Built in the 19th century by the Ottomans, this railway station connected Baalbek, Damascus and Homs.

Traditional houses

Located near the Serail square, “Hayy al Solh” street has typical courtyard houses, built of stone rubble with flat clay roofs. Also, try to see Asaad Haidar’s house, near the Serail, and Abdel Ghani al Rifai’s, near Nasser Square.