Abundant restaurants of various types are found in Amman. For Mezza and Barbeques visit Kababji, Fakhr Eddin, Al Huwarra and several others. Some chinese food restaurants offer delicious varities as well. Al AKalhah, Hashem and Abu Jbara offer delicious falafel-hommos breakfast. Shisheh or Nargileh (Hubble Bubble) are offered in several classy cafes.

There are abundant souvenir shops in Amman especially at big hotels. Look for mosaics from Madaba and local embroidery. Several outlets of handicrafts are located in Jabal Amman between the first and third circle, such as Wild Jordan & Jordan River Foundation.

Jara (Jabal Amman Residents’ Association) holds a flea market in summer since 2005 called Souq Jara. It is held at Fawzi Malouf Street, off the Rainbow Street, every Friday between mid-May and early September, from 10 am to 10 pm.