In terms of gastronomy, Adrano is one of the major producers of the Sicilian blood orange, used to prepare rice dishes, cakes, jams and many other culinary specialties. Local produce also includes citrus fruits, prickly pears, almonds and fruit and vegetables such as olives, broad beans, broccoli, purple cauliflower, fennel and others, all used in local dishes.


Street food is a must-do part of any visit to Catania. The varied gastronomic experiences that this destination offers includes the typical Mediterranean markets of the Pescheria, a temple to fish, and a Fera o’ luni (the Monday street market), which offers a fusion of smells, sounds and colours that combine local culture and Sicilian tradition. Due to its proximity to the sea, traditional Catanese dishes are based mainly on fish. However, meat, grains, and vegetables are also an essential part of its cuisine. Thanks to the great diversity of its soil and its microclimates, Mount Etna is the third most important wine-producing area in Italy. Visitors must not miss the extraordinary finesse of Etna DOC wines and distilled liqueurs, produced with the essential oils extracted from citrus fruit peel.