Approximately 13 km from Tyre, it is believed that this is the village where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. On a more somber note, Qana has witnessed many large-scale killings during Israeli incursions. A memorial was built to remember all the victims.

Mansouri – Orange House Project

Approximately 13 km from Tyre, this project monitors and protects the turtles and their eggs, and aims at persuading the government to declare the beach at Mansouri and Kolaila, a national nature reserve.

Toron, the Crusaders Castle

Approximately 28 km from Tyre, in the village of Tebnine, the Toron was built in 1105 by the Crusaders to regain Tyre from the Fatimids of Egypt. Saladin claimed it in 1187, after a difficult battle. In 1229 the Egyptian sultan Al Kamil (Saladin’s brother) gave back the domain to the French and more than thirty years later, in 1266 the Franks lost it to the Mamluks and were never able to regain. In the middle of the 17th century and up till the 18th, the fortress witnessed many clashes between the local Emirs on one side and the Ottomans on the other; after which it became the administrative center of the area.

Rural trails of Tyre

The Melkart Trail in Tyre, established by the European as a part of a network in 6 port-cities of the Mediterranean, is subdivided into 6 different itineraries:

  • Sour Commercial Trail
  • The longest with 17 stops: you will stop at traditional bakeries, a jewelry, visit a copper workshop and a barber, and end your tour at the port.

  • Yamm Trail
  • Entails only a couple of stops around the lighthouse and the harbor.

  • The Sacred Trail
  • Highlights Mosques and Churches.

  • Khan’s Trail
  • Showcases all the khans and souks of Tyre.

  • The Cultural Trail
  • Provides a nice cultural walk.

  • King Hiram Trail
  • A visit to Al Bass site and Hiram spring.