The village of Luz de Tavira features very picturesque houses in the parapets –many of them are masterpieces in plaster–, decorated with geometric motifs or vegetables. In some cases, influences of early 20th-century Art Nouveau are distinguishable in laced chimneys that stand above the roofs. Worthy of attention is the main church, built in the 16th century, which keeps much of the primitive structure.

A side gate in Manueline style, very elaborate, with colourful decoration shaped like twisted rope will also attract the attention of the visitor. On the walls of the Church four stone rosettes stand out, symbolizing the sun, the moon and the stars.

Leisure Park of the Forest Perimeter of Conceição de Tavira

The leisure park of the Forest Perimeter of Conceição de Tavira is a natural area where a small herd of fallow deer live in semi-captivity, which visitors will be lucky enough to observe. It offers four hiking trails, a picnic area, a playground and a waterfowl observatory, being the perfect spot for direct contact with nature.

Former Tuna Traps of Barril

In Barril there is a former tuna trap whose origin dates back to 1842. Its state of conservation is good, having been converted into a commercial area with shops, restaurants, cafes, ice-cream parlours and bars. Nearby it is possible to see, along the beach, an "anchor cemetery" that has become iconic in this area.