San Anton

Feast of San Antón between Christmas and January.

La Candelaria

February 2, La Candelaria during which bonfires are lit.


February, carnival.

Celebration of the night of drums

March 18, celebration of the night of drums. Large bonfires are lit in front of the niches devoted to patriarch Saint Joseph in the altars built in Abad Palomino and Oteros streets.

Holy Week

Easter week, this celebration is of great ethnological interest and very educational. The Good Friday scenes include the juillas and sayones.

San Isidro

May 15, pilgrimage of San Isidro, including a picnic lunch.

San Antonio

June 13, feast of San Antonio.

San Juan

June 24, feast of San Juan, a rag witch is burnt on the eve.

Festivity of Virgen de las Mercedes

August 15, festivity of Virgen de las Mercedes. Procession with 12,000 thick, lit candies.

Fair of San Mateo

September 21-25, main fair of San Mateo.

Etnosur Fest

During several days in July, Etnosur Fest is celebrated, consisting of Southern Ethnic Encounters. It has become, in its own right, one of the most important Music Fests in Spain.