The 6th Steering Committee Meeting

The Umayyad project in the final stretch

All partners met at Amman (Jordan) for the 6th Steering Committee Meeting

The 6th Steering Committee Meeting of the Umayyad Project was held in Amman (Jordan) from the last 6th until the 8th of October. Partners discussed about all the crucial issues concerning the project and analyzed the current situation and future’s perspectives.

On the first day, there was an overall review of the project state and plans regarding the developed objectives, as the project will end in close future, on December of this year. Among the activities to carry out, the communication issues were an important point to be developed at this meeting (e.g., thematic forums, press releases, leaflets, articles) under Work Package 2. After, partners went through WP 3 (capitalization) with Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce Alexandria Chamber.

Furthermore, there was a discussion about national and local travel packages where each country presented its national and local travel packages and there were also bilateral meetings; and, finally, under WP1, there was a presentation on financial monitoring and preparation of final report.

Elaboration of Local Action Plans

During the 2nd day, a field visit to the Umayyad itinerary took place at the Desert Castles. The target of this visit were SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals of the tourism industry, institutional agents and relevant stakeholders belonging to the tourism industry and cultural sector coming from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. The main goal of this visit was the exchange of good practices between the institutional agents and relevant stakeholders of the tourism industry and cultural sector from the participant countries (Algarve-Portugal, Andalusia-Spain, Sicily-Italy, Tunisia-Tunis, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt). They will transfer the good practices learnt during the event to the rest of the members of their respective Local Support Groups in their countries.

The last day was occupied by the elaboration and review of the Local Action Plan and the planning of the study visit for policy-makers and entrepreneurs that will be held in Spain under Work Package 4. Besides, review of the Steering Committee agreements and the next activities to be carried out were presented.

Finally, the Opening Ceremony of the Umayyad Exhibition organized by the Jordan partner took place at the Jordan Museum.

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